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Experience the Wonder of Alabama’s Undersea Forest!

Sixty thousand years ago, along the coast of Alabama, the sea level rose and buried an ancient forest beneath the sea floor. Now, thanks to the hurricane waves that uncovered it—­and to Northeastern University Professors and OGL collaborators Brian Helmuth and Mark Patterson who recently filmed it—you can experience this miraculous undersea forest from the comfort of your living room!

Check out the footage here:

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OGL’s new species discovery is number one! 

This week, a publication by Ocean Genome Legacy researchers and colleagues announced the discovery of Vadumodiolus teredinicola, a new species of marine mussel.  This discovery includes several exciting firsts!  Left: Vadumodiolus teredinicola in life position within...

Wicked Worms from Under the Sea

Behold the mighty Bobbit worm, striking from the seafloor! Image Credit: Daniel Kwok CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 It’s October again and that means one thing: it’s the time of year for ghosts, goblins, and spooky monsters. Fantastical creatures like these might make the real world...

UN Reaches Historic High Seas Agreement

Last weekend, the United Nations reached an agreement on a landmark treaty aimed to protect life in the high seas! This treaty focuses specifically on resources that are contained in ocean areas beyond national jurisdiction. These areas, which are currently largely...